Plumbing Frequently Asked Question

Please see below for answers to the most common plumbing questions.

Our Plumbing Technicians can repair anything from the homeowner’s side of the septic tank to your fresh water source(Well Pump,etc…), and anything in between.
bathroom. We cover everything in a bathroom that has plumbing running to it. Kitchen-We do not install appliances, but can run any water,gas, or drainline in a kitchen. Rough-ins
We do complete whole house repipe. Sewer, water, and gas lines in the ground. Water heater’s, Well pumps, Pressure Tanks, sewer ejector pumps, sump pumps. Water filtration systems, Water Filters.

Depending on the severity of it, and whether it involves digging. A simple Flapper replacement in a toilet takes no longer than 20 minutes after testing is approved. 
A Sewer line replacement in the yard depending on the length of the run can take several hours .

Plumber’s putty, or silicone depending on the manufacturer requirements 

The most common would be water leaks, water closet running, water heater’s malfunctioning, and stoppages. 
If you do start getting an odor from your plumbing, it could be from build up over time in the lines, restriction in the venting system to cause sewer gases to back feed, or sulfur in your water will create a rotten egg smell. 
There is more than likely an obstruction in your drainline causing the restriction of water flow to the point of being out of order. Anything from grease, toilet paper, baby wipes, diapers, feminine products, toys, roots, and actual build up of sewage over time can clog a drain line depending on what it is serving. 

Our plumbing Technicians do fix and replace water heaters. all kinds. 

Depending on the severity, and if it is a simple repair or not can range from $100-$1000+ .